“I want to make something completely new. I want to work so hard that everything of me burns away, like the chemical in the match. Which leaves what really is me, or what I think is me. I just want to achieve my own vibe. And it’s nothing arty, nothing lofty, it’s just fucking different, and I want to leave this world behind a little so that maybe I’ll see that it’s bigger and I haven’t left it at all.”
— Jeff Buckley (via weloveyoujeff)

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Jean-François Portaels, An Oriental Beauty, (after 1877)

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A Field in England (2013)


Cornelis de Visscher, Cat Sleeping, c. 1657.


[ the Head of Immaterial Conversions ]

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Maurice Denis, Crépuscule (Sleeping Woman), 1892.

Joshua Lutz